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Many entrepreneurs start a business with enthusiasm and optimism and then they move into the difficult world of an ‘Employer’.  This brings them face to face with a huge range of employment laws and obligations which must seem like bureaucratic roadblocks to business growth.

They lack the certainty of knowing whether they are a compliant employer and are unsure of how critical this is. The uncertainty becomes the little voice in their ear that they know should be listened to but it’s much easier to ignore and deal with more pressing issues in their business.

If we knew how difficult employing people could get most of us probably would never have started up in business in the first place.  However, the sad fact is most ‘don’t know what they don’t know’. So we are on a mission to make sure they don’t find out the hard way. As many businesses have discovered, the cost of getting it wrong can be crippling.

You wouldn’t dream of running your business without sound financial and taxation advice, so it makes no sense to avoid seeking advice when it comes to your people issues.

The legislation can be very complex but our solutions are not.

We offer a simple, no-nonsense approach to getting your business on track and to make sure it stays there in terms of its people and employment laws.

Our business is called AT THE WORKPLACE for a reason! It’s the space we operate in.

We can help navigate around any regulatory roadblocks at your workplace.  This is our passion and the way we help our clients businesses succeed.

Call us and discover just how it easy it is to sleep at night!

“You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business”



Angie Mardon – Director

Angela Vordermeier – General Manager

Richard Wiltshire – HSE Managing Consultant