Key Services

We understand the challenge facing most SME’s in trying to keep up with the ever-changing legislation, educating employees on company policies, their rights and obligations and it is all down to YOU.

From the moment you take on a new employee until the time employment ends there are inherent risks in employing that you must be aware of if you are to avoid employment traps and pitfalls down the road.

The risks of getting it wrong are very real and the Penalties severe!

Fairwork Advocacy

If you end up on the wrong end of a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation, we can help you through it and even liaise with the Ombudsman on your behalf.

Agreements and Contracts

There is some good news!  The Fair Work Act actually does have some flexibility for employers.  Call us to find how to access it.

We regularly assist clients with the drafting of Individual Flexibility Agreements or Enterprise Agreements, from the bargaining process through to lodging with Fair Work.

Policy & Procedures

A well-written, customised Policy and Procedure Manual is the foundation for your business. It provides your employers and management with a very clear outline of what is expected of them, their rights and obligations and a set of rules and guidelines under which your business operates.

Many claimants in the Fair Work Commission are successful against their employer because the business can’t demonstrate it has a clear set of policies and procedures and that their employee has access to them.