Do I need to Employ At All?

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We offer a Professional Employment Service second to none.  Choose your own people to join your team but have someone else employ them for you?  Sound too good to be true?

How about outsourcing the onerous responsibility of employment but instead have positive interactions with your staff on the key issues affecting your business and their place in it?

How about you having the time and resources to concentrate on the things that generate profit?

The professional employment service we can offer you is a simple and efficient way to staff your business. It gives clients peace of mind knowing that their business is totally compliant with the ever-changing employment legislation.  No hidden traps.

Outsourcing is one of the most powerful cost-cutting business efficiency tools you can use and we can even improve your bottom line by reducing your unit labour costs, minimise penalty rates and overtime.

Still think it sounds to be good to be true?  Here’s what clients say:

“ having Workplace Central look after my payroll and workplace health & safety gives me the time to focus on what I’m good at”


outsourcing to Workplace Central has certainly shown our staff a level of professionalism that we were lacking before.”


“in my experience, as a manager, Workplace Central’s service means less administration, more productivity, less industrial relations procedures.  Outsourcing our payroll makes our business more efficient, as we can concentrate on the quality of the service.”


If you think this would work for you give us a call and we can catch up to discuss.